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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do You need PhoDography?

You may be asking why do I need to hire a professional when I have my smartphone camera? Yes, I know you can all take good snaps of your dog, even I do it when I don't have my camera. Well, the reason is for the same reason that even though you own a cooker you still go out to eat and get a chef to cook for you, and even though you own a spanner you get a plumber in to fix your leaky tap, you’d ask PhoDography to capture the greatest shot of your dog. Over the years I have amassed a huge range of skills, and a variety of cameras and lenses that are capable of taking very high-speed, high-resolution shots above and beyond the average professional's camera, let alone a smart phone. I also use state of the art photo editing software that will enhance even the best shots I take. You will be amazed. I promise.

Where is PhoDography  Based?

I am based in the Weymouth & Dorset area and my local travel costs are included in the fee. I will travel both nationwide and internationally but obviously would need to charge travel & accommodation expenses.

Prior to the Photoshoot

Please feel free to ask as many questions as you like prior to booking and I will try and answer them all.  Once you have booked you will receive an email requesting a description of your dog, including their age, name and any health and welfare concerns that either of you have. The last thing I want is a distressed dog so this will help me suggest a location that best suits the needs of both you your dog, and ensure it is a fun filled experience for everyone.


We all like to think we have total control over our dog but also, we realise that given the least bit of provocation they will get distracted and run off chasing either another dog’s ball or a squirrel. So, whilst you may have a specific location in mind I would ask that you consider quieter less busy locations, which don't have too many opportunities for distractions. Weymouth beach on a summer’s afternoon is not ideal, but I can suggest many quieter beaches locally and woodlands that offer a degree of calm with good lighting conditions, so I can get lots of shots of your dog either running through water or strolling along a woodland path. 


The natural elements in outdoor photography can be planned for, but we must remain flexible. Let us assume the photoshoot is taking place in the UK, with typical British weather. I will usually telephone you the day before the planned shoot and if it looks as if it will be inclement then we can perhaps reschedule for another day. If there's a sudden change for the worse in the weather on the actual day, then we can wait until the morning of the shoot to make a final decision. However, I will always remain as flexible as possible.

Info For Dogs

Ok, so don't tell your human we've had this little chat but between you and me...... you just need to turn up. They're going to try and wash you, brush you, maybe put ribbons in your hair. For goodness sake!

You just need to have breakfast, make sure they bring water and tasty snackos for you, and then basically do what you do best, just be a dog........but please don't run away!

I only have one rule and that’s please try not to pee on my cameras, but otherwise anything goes. If you like running in water I can deal with that, if you like chasing balls, and who doesn't, then that's good too. And if you're old and stiff and can't move far or quickly then that's just fine.

You may hear some funny squeaks but this is just to make you look at me, if you could please look extra cute at the camera, I'd be so grateful as will your humans. 

You are going to have a ball......well maybe not literally!

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